Some Love for the "Unpopular"

I was thinking of doing a top ten list of some recipes from the blog, so of course I looked back at the stats and started making a list of the ten most popular recipes. As I was doing this, I began noticing some of the recipes that had... not so many views. And these were some great recipes! How did they get left behind when all the others attracted attention and rose to such heights of popularity? 

That's when I decided to make a list of our top ten most UNPOPULAR recipes, because someone needs to send out some love to the unlovable, as Glinda the good witch does for Elpheba and TLC does for the "Unpretty." Here they are, in all their under-appreciated glory:

A couple of things to keep in mind: okra is also known as "Lady Fingers" and Hominy is like mushy, chewy kernels of corn. Much more attractive now, aren't they? Seriously, though, those are two of my favourites. Anyway, hope you'll find one on the list to your enjoyment and that you'll check in again next week to help me celebrate the blog's Third Anniversary. Have a great Monday!


P.S. Tomorrow is World Vegetarian Day, which is a great reason to flex your meatless muscles and keep the good MM vibes going for an extra day this week.


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