Eight Exciting Weeks

Real quick. Let's huddle up. Not much time to compose this week's heartfelt and inspirational message. We're going to Toronto for the weekend to see Wicked, about which we are very excited. We also have a new cat in our house, which has taken up a lot of our time over the past couple of days. Busy times.

I'll still take a moment to tell you about Dr. Mary Clifton, a physician in Traverse City, Michigan who is petitioning the local city council to adopt a Meatless Mondays resolution. She was inspired by a similar resolution endorsed by San Francisco city council, which I highlighted back in week five. It got me thinking about London's new mayor and whether he might be interested in me sending him a recipe a week. Leave it with me. 

I'm leaving you with a relatively easy recipe for this Monday, which features common ingredients. This is a winter staple for us--the binding of the cookbook is actually broken at this page--and with the first few flakes of snow starting to flutter about here in London, it is a timely offering. The recipe calls for cubed tofu, but you can substitute any mock chicken you wish. Some that we have enjoyed include the Yves meatless chicken strips, the President's Choice meatless chicken breastGardein Chick'nQuorn or Boca Chik'n. Experiment with whatever you can find at your local supermarket. 

The vegetable of the week is carrots, which everybunny already knows are good for you, but it features in the recipe of the day, so I thought I would reinforce that message. They are high in beta carotene, which converts to usable vitamin A, which is important for eye health. But they are also filled with potassium, magnesium and vitamin K. And don't believe the hype about baby carrots, they are just as good for you and make a great snack.

Enjoy your Monday!