Week Five

Hello, good afternoon and welcome to week five. I hope the recipes have been serving you well over the past four weeks and that you have found your weekly dietary modification to be easy and delicious. The Meatless Monday movement has been spreading globally and has recently been in the news in the political arena. British MP John Leech brought forward a motion that the Houses of Parliament adopt a Meatless Monday position in all their catering to lead by example.

Closer to home (for me), there were two mayoral candidates in Toronto who agreed that they would support a Meatless Mondays resolution for the City of Toronto if elected. Sadly, neither George Smitherman nor Joe Pantalone was successful. But I'm sure that local MM advocates will be encouraging the new mayor to give the initiative some thought. Many other cities have already adopted this resolution, including San FranciscoCape TownSao Paolo, Tel Aviv and Washington DC. We need to add some Canadian cities to the list, although McGill University has come on board, joining other universities such as OxfordYale and Columbia.

There's also no shortage of famous people who have embraced the concept, though not all of them are who you might expect. Did Simon CowellJohn TeshMario Batali or Al Gore jump to mind? This movement is gaining momentum and you can feel good to be one of the many intelligent, gorgeous and charming people who are a part of it. 

Which brings me to this week's recipe, a modified childhood favourite of mine that we've made in countless variations. It is also a good way to include this week's vegetable of the week, that lovable fungi, the mushroom. They have anti-cancer properties and can be a great help in weight loss efforts. Breakfast of the week is a bowl of cereal and a to go mug of coffee--let's face it, Monday mornings you're usually in a hurry. Have a good one!