Labour Day Weekend

Hello again! Welcome to the second installment of the post-impromptu-hiatus edition of MRM, the Labour Day Weekend episode, in which no labour is done, a worried UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon sounds an alarm, and we all agree on the diversity of meatless barbecue options. It's going to be a hot one!

So worried, in fact, is the UN about the acceleration of climate change (aka Global Warming, aka Carbon Dioxicide, aka the Planetary Clusterfudge), that they have invited world leaders to NYC for Climate Summit 2014 this 23rd September to "galvanize and catalyze climate action." This summit meeting will pit 1st World countries against emerging markets in The Great Carbon Controversy, aka "We've had ours, now you need to restrain yourselves."

Also planned for the same weekend, in what pundits are calling "No Kind of Coincidence Whatsoever," is the People's Climate March, the largest ever mobilization of grassroots greens, Eco advocates, and NGOs ever. Mark your calendars! There will be fireworks, figuratively speaking. (Maybe literally, who knows?)

How can MM help, you might ask? Thanks for asking:
In honour of the last official barbecue weekend of the summer, MM has published this great article about healthy options for your meat-free grill (and linked to this BuzzFeed list of 38 Grilling Recipes That Will Make you Want to Be a Vegetarian), and we are presenting the attached easy peasy veggie burger recipe.

Have a great Labor Day and watch that temperature! Seek shade and stay hydrated should the mercury continue to rise. :)