Cinco de Mayo Time

Hola, amigos! As today is Cinco de Mayo, it looks like today is going to be a Mexican Meatless Monday. This festival is held on the fifth of May every year and is principally observed in the United States as a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride, but it does also date back to a Mexican victory over French invaders on 5th May 1962 in the State of Puebla, so they enjoy a few cervezas there as well. 

To celebrate the occasion, I put together a photo collage of some past recipes. We are big fans of Mexican food and we enjoyed a previous trip to Mexico itself. Two dishes that we have quite frequently for which we’ve never posted recipes are “Burrito Bowls” and “Tacos.” The first was inspired by the Chipotle restaurant version of the same and the second by the instructions they usually print on the box. Serve with brown rice, beans and a green vegetable. Delicious.

For today’s dining pleasure, we recommend one of the following old favourites which were past features:

Quite a few, now that I see them all together. See… we like Mexican Food. Hope you will like one of these and that your Cinco de Mayo passes without further French invasions.