Gonzo Week

There's a lot to celebrate this week:
  1. The Kamehameha Schools Maui Campus in Hawaii recently enjoyed their inaugural MM luncheon, at which the students enjoyed White Bean Chili.
  2. The good folks at Beyond Meat have announced they have 25/20 Vision, a goal to reduce global meat consumption by 25% before 2020. MM (15%) is a great start to making their goal a reality.
  3. The Global MM Movement has just added Hungary to the ranks with their program called "HÚSMENTES HÉTFŐ" - our previous recipe for Garden Goulash might come in handy here.
  4. All of New York City is abuzz about the invention of "Carrots Wellington" at Narcissa Restaurant, a popular feature of their MM menu.

So in celebration of all these exciting positive developments, I have decided the time has come to release some secrets from my own personal gonzo cooking style. I have a tradition when I'm just cooking for myself of making up a dish based on wholesome, available ingredients which always incorporates a bean, a green, a grain and a sauce. These spontaneous creations don't always meet with universal family approval, but I love them. :)

The great thing about it is it incorporates beans and leafy greens, which we should all eat more of, and if you cheat and throw in some tomatoes, or chopped peppers or perhaps use a mango sauce, you can enjoy all four of the New Four Food Groups in one dish. Because the recipe is very simple and encourages getting creative with what you have on hand, it is all about the photos, so be sure to check them out. Hope you find one to your liking!