Easter/Earth Day Edition

Just a quick update on this Easter Sunday (if you're celebrating) in advance of Earth Day, which is this Tuesday. That is when I will be joining with about 170 or so other bloggers in a Thunderclap! Yes, a Thunderclap! This is a novel way of amplifying a message by combining voices - coming soon to twitter and other social media. 

And it will be a great reminder of the positive contribution that Meatless Monday makes to reducing greenhouse gases and carbon footprints. The meat and dairy industries are responsible for as much as 51% of GHGs, and TreeHugger is still suggesting that more of us need to become "Weekday Vegetarians," but one day a week is a great starting point.

I have also entered one of our recipes for inclusion in the next MM e-cookbook, where MM teams up with Kids Cook Monday, so I altered a previous recipe to fit this format. Wish us luck and have a happy Earth Day!