Time to "butt out" on animal protein?

Further to previous studies showing that eating 3 eggs a week carries the same health risks as being a smoker, a new study has now shown that eating meat and dairy products through middle age also carries the same cancer risk as being a smoker (versus that of a non-smoker). It looks like your doctor might soon be telling you to "butt out" the animal protein along with the smokes when you go for a check-up! We may come to think of eating meat as one more bad habit to quit (or cut back on) now that we know:

  • People 50-65 whose diets were high in animal protein were 4 times more likely to die of cancer - similar to the cancer risk of a smoker vs. a non-smoker
  • In fact, the people with these high protein diets were 74% more likely to die of all causes
  • Not all proteins are created equal, of course: "The researchers note that the effects of premature death were not seen for high plant-based protein diets, which include legumes and nuts. And in fact, study participants with high plant protein diets had a lower risk of dying from cancer."

With these and other studies in mind, the prudent people among us may be looking for ways to decrease their meat intake and increase their plant intake. Luckily for them, there are many such ways to gradually shift your focus in that direction: Flexitarian, Vegan Before 6:00, Weekday Vegetarian, and don't forget, that most gradual motivator of positive change, the alliterative appellation by which we alternate our alimentary acclimation, the reason I've gathered you all here today... Meatless Monday. (Or Thursday if you're in Belgium, France or Germany. If so, Bonjour/Gutentag to you!)

Perhaps another great recipe is what you need to start out your week on the right foot. This week's Mexican dish is one of our family favourites for a quick and satisfying meal. By the time you get through a long work day on a Monday, especially after springing forward and losing an hour's sleep, sometimes easy and quick is all you have the energy for. Hope this fits the bill.