This week's episode of Mondays Are Meatless features some articles or recipes recommended by loyal MRM readers or MM facebook posts:
  • This "Dutch Weed Burger" is a model of sustainable eating using cultivated seaweed - thanks to MKM of St. Thomas, Ontario for the heads up on this one.
  • Here we have a crispy flatbread called "Socca" made with chick pea flour, first sent to me by CS of Fort Myers, Florida... gluten-free for those who like that!
  • Check out this list of "8 Suprisingly Poisonous Foods" and make sure you are avoiding or correctly preparing these items (with thanks to TVY, also of Fort Myers, Florida)
  • In honour of Valentine's Day, MM headquarters produced this online "Heart Healthy Cookbook" and it looks great, even though they didn't choose our recipe submission for inclusion, about which we are not bitter
  • And just because we like them, we thought we'd mention that the Meatless Market here in Londontario is looking to raise funds for a new commercial kitchen to ultimately benefit their loyal customers, of which we are three.
And, as if all the foregoing weren't enough, we are also featuring a new recipe of the week for your meatless munching. A hearty soup is a great cold weather comfort food to sustain us until the Spring thaw. Have a great week!