January Rejuvenation

Hello, 2014! Aren't you looking promising? A starting over point if you need one. Another fresh year to resolve to do things better or keep on with what's going well. I have enjoyed some time off from new posts over the holidays, as well as many great meatless meals with family and friends, and occasionally experimenting with new recipes. I'll be sharing some of those in the coming weeks. 

Have you resolved to make changes in your eating habits this year? You're not alone:
  • The Boston Globe says that "cutting back on meat is often part of a plan to establish healthier habits in general and data show that many Americans have already begun the reduction."
  • The Kaleo Voice from Hawaii calls Meatless Monday "an easy, delicious New Year's resolution."
  • In their annual review of popular diets, the U.S. News & World Report noted a common thread with their Best Diets: "Meatless, meat-reduced, and whole foods based programs are topping the charts."
  • And Parade Magazine highlighted "2 Strategies for Healthier Food Choices in 2014: Meatless Mondays and Vegan Before 6:00."
Of course, those of us who have been doing MM for awhile are familiar with the benefits, but if you know someone who might be interested in finding out more, or who is looking for a positive change this New Year, please don't hesitate to recommend me or my blog to them for more information. Always happy to bring new recruits to the MM movement. :) 

Speaking of which, a new face to the global movement is MM New Zealand or, as they call it, "Meat Free Mondays." Whatever the name, they are quite clear about the benefits: "For your health, for your wallet, for our planet, for world hunger and for animals." Well said, Kiwis. I'm sure the fine people at the other new addition MM Germany (Donnerstag-Veggietag or "Veggie Thursday," the same day they chose in France) have something similar to say, but I just don't speak the language. Welcome just the same!

So, to start the year off right, I'm going to share a simple, light and easy new recipe which features a new favourite hot sauce called "Sweet Sunshine." They were nice enough to send me some free samples (see below) and asked me to develop some MM recipes featuring their product, which I have been working on for the past few weeks. Their sauces are delicious and always hold to their motto "Flavor Before Fire." I can tell you that, depending on which one you choose, you will enjoy the best of both.