Mix it Up!

Hello again! Last week's post about beans seems to have been popular and didn't even generate any replies about flatulence. Way to stay classy, MRM readers! As if he noticed that I was using all his best material, Dr. Joel Fuhrman went ahead and posted yet another great info piece about the benefits of beans. This time he is highlighting their protective effect on colon cancer, the 3rd most common form of cancer. A large study showed that people "who ate beans, peas, or lentils more than twice a week decreased their risk of colon cancer by 50%." Gypsy Soup for everyone! Or even Chef AJ's latest recipe "Red Lentil Chili," your choice.

Meanwhile, in the Land Down UnderMeat Free Mondays Australia has a great project on the go. They have asked 4 young designers to come up with 24 MM memes and posted them on their Facebook page to let people vote on their favourite. I have included mine above. Which one do you prefer? Maybe you might see one of them in the halls of Binghamton University, where they have just embraced the MM movement and promote the benefits to all their students. Welcome, Binghamton U!

Back here at home in the newly-thawed Londontario, we in the Young Household are happy to have our Vitamix back in action. If you don't already have a high-powered blender, we highly recommend them. Blendtecs are also nice. In honour of this newly-repaired appliance of ours, we are offering an easy and healthy blended shake as this week's recipe. Healthy, earth-friendly and delicious, just like MM. Have a great week!