Holiday Break

This is the time of year when the last minute holiday preparations begin looking more like a countdown to some much-needed time off. It is also my traditional break of a few weeks off from posting new recipes. I will return in January with something new that I hope to discover during my time spent relaxing and eating and enjoying time spent with family and friends.

But before I sign off, I should welcome the City of South Miami to the MM movement. The Miami New Times covered this story with the above adorable piggy pic and this awesome quote from the mayor: "It's something many people don't think about at all -- the land costs, the carbon costs, the animal experience costs. Those are all costs." Well said, Philip K. Stoddard! Something that is well covered by articles on MM is the health cost... the "selfish" reason, if you will, for eating meatless. The environment is also often mentioned, but land costs and "animal experience costs" often get short shrift. Good for you for considering the whole picture!

For this week's recipe, I gratefully turn to a submission from loyal reader E.M. of Cabbagetown, T.O. (hence the name). We enjoyed her excellent hospitality and this delicious dish in a recent trip to the big smoke for the weekend. And speaking of weekend trips, we are just back from another great weekend in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where we found another new favourite meatless eatery, The Lunch Room. Try the baked goods (counter shown below) whenever you go, but keep in mind they do a great Sunday brunch and Mondays are Sushi nights.

Happy Holidays, MRM readers! 


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