Full of Beans

Because beans are such a good protein source, they can often be found in meatless recipes - mine and others. And why not? They are one pillar of the "New Four Food Groups," they are the first "B" in G-BOMBS and they are a recipe staple of many cultures around the world. Treehugger recently celebrated them with a listing of 38 recipes for beans and lentils for superfood meals. Superfood, y'all! Probably because:

So, in conclusion, we should all resolve to eat more beans. With all this in mind, I am happy to share yet another bean-containing dish as this week's recipe. Special thanks to our friend K.P. of Thornhill, ON, for sharing this recipe with us, which is, I believe, adapted from an original recipe by Mollie Katzen of Moosewood Restaurant fame. Happy Monday, Moosewood Mollie!