Away Games

Most of the time it plays out that our Meatless Monday is a home game. Then we're on our own turf and can work with our own ingredients in the kitchen we know and love. This is where our collection of all our MM recipes comes in handy. We have now shared a total of 120 recipes, believe it or not. You can achieve a lot in three years, I guess. 

But sometimes MM is an away game, whether due to travel plans or, on some particularly busy Mondays, fatigue and the inability to face the kitchen. :) This is where it pays to have a list of favourite restaurants which feature great meatless options. We have just such a list on the right hand side of our blog, if you scroll down a bit. In the last week, we have actually had a chance to add two new entries.

A recent trip to Toronto allowed me to revisit an old favourite of ours called Salad King. A block away from Ryerson University, this Thai restaurant used to be our go-to place when we lived in downtown T.O. and were too tired to cook. It has cheap and cheerful decor with an entire list of great meatless options. I had trouble choosing since it had been so long since I'd been there, but eventually went with the Golden Tofu. Another great dish with the best name ever is shown on the menu to the right: Evil Jungle Prince. Love it. And I'm not sure what the "ring of fire" refers to in the photo of the wall slogan below, but choose your "spicy scale" level advisedly.

Two days later, our family was visiting loyal reader SCNY (who happens to also be my brother) and his family in Ann Arbor, Michigan. On our way home we stopped in Canton and discovered the very wonderful "Neehee's Indian Vegetarian Street Food." Franchise opportunities are available! We shared several delicious dishes shown below, including Bhel Kachori (chick pea hot pocket), Masala Dosa (dunce hat pancake), Pani Puri (puff balls for stuffing and dipping), and Vada Sambhar (spicy lentil donuts - how cool is that?). It was all great and we can't wait to go back.

So if you find yourself in London, Toronto, St. Catharines, Ottawa, or in the U.S. in any of Chicago, Sterling Heights, Williamsburg, Ann Arbor, Ithaca, Canton, Fort Myers, New York City or Washington, DC this Monday, we've got you covered with great restaurant options. If instead you're going to be playing a home game, maybe you'll find this week's recipe an easy way to have a healthy and delicious dessert. Either way, happy trails and good eating!