14 Questions

Are you willing to answer 14 questions to see how your current eating style impacts your health, the environment and animal welfare? I didn't get a chance to use this interesting link back on the original U.S. Food Day, which was almost a month ago. But I did take this quick online test and I was pretty pleased with my score, if I do say so myself. I won't tell you my actual score, because that would be bragging (he said, trying to sound humble, but failing), but I will tell you that I scored over 75, which gives me an "A" for eating. Willing to share your score with me? I will provide an average score and any highlights from replies I get - anonymously. Good luck!

If you are looking to expand your collection of meatless recipes (to add to the 122 and counting that you may have enjoyed receiving from me) and you live in or near London, Ontario, you should consider attending the upcoming social dinner and recipe exchange put on by Vegup London. From the website: "Vegup London is a social group for anyone who is vegetarian, vegan, has a food allergy, or is curious about going vegan or vegetarian and eating healthy. Vegup events are held monthly in London, Canada." On December 4th, they will also be presenting a screening at London's Central Library of the film "Vegucated," which is excellent.

This week's recipe comes to us from my daily Treehugger.com e-mail, because sometimes you feel like having some cake. I have to own that we have not yet sampled this recipe ourselves, but plan to as soon as humanly possible. Have a great Monday, MM-elite!