Seena's Vegan Ice Cream Cake


4 pint containers non-dairy ice cream (we used coconut)
½ package chocolate vanilla cream sandwich cookies (aka Oreos)
1 16oz jar dark fudge sauce
1 tub non-dairy whipped topping

Optional décor for top: sprinkles, chocolate shavings, crushed peanuts


Needed: 9” round spring form pan

Let 2 pints of ice cream warm up slightly until soft but not melted. Meanwhile, crush cookies into crumbs in mixing bowl. Mix in jar of fudge sauce until combined.

Spread the soft ice cream across the bottom of the spring form pan and up the sides. Use approximately 1 pint for the bottom and 1 pint for the sides. Let harden for about 1 hour. Press the cookie and fudge mixture into the bottom of the well created by the ice cream, but not overlapping the sides. Freeze spring form pan for 2 hours or more.

Let the other 2 pints of ice cream soften as before. Remove pan from freezer and spread remaining ice cream over top of the chocolate mixture until top and sides are covered. Return pan to freezer and let freeze overnight.

Defrost non-dairy whipped topping for 15 minutes if necessary. Remove ice cream cake pan from freezer and run a warm knife around the outsides of the cake. Release the outer spring form and remove from cake. Ice the top and sides with the whipped topping and your decorative topping of choice. Put the cake on a tray and return to freezer for 1 hour before serving.

Remove from freezer 15 minutes before serving. Use warm knife to cut and cake server to lift each slice from bottom of pan. 


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