MM is Ten, Kudos to Them

The MM Movement turned 10 years old this month and celebrated with a scientific symposium to discuss the reasons behind such topics as "Why Meatless?" and "Why Mondays?" The NPR blog also covered their birthday with a great write up of their achievements:

"Meatless Monday is now active in 29 countries. And in the U.S., more than 100 schools, food service companies and restaurants, including Mario Batali's famed eateries, have signed on to offer Meatless Monday options, according to the campaign."

Nor are they losing momentum! It seems that every week brings new success for the movement:

We here at the MRM Global ThinkTank and Meatless Master Kitchen have been in operation for a mere three years this month, but we are proud to be part of such a successful and positive campaign! To that end, we offer you this week's delicious new recipe, which came from family friend K.P. of Richmond Hill, ON. Have a great week and please join me in wishing MM a Happy Birthday on your social media of choice, or by referring a friend to subscribe to our blog.