Happy 3rd Anniversary!

About 156 Mondays ago, I sent an e-mail and started a blog with a simple request: try eating meatless one day a week and in return, I'll send you some recipes you might like. It's been around 52 Mondays since our 2nd Anniversary and in the neighbourhood of 104 Mondays since our 1st Anniversary and here we are again. Happy 3rd Anniversary to me and to all those of you who've been with me since the beginning! 

I have now published 250 blog posts, 116 of which have been meatless recipes. I have been more or less regularly trying to promote the blog on Google+twitter and facebook, and as of this week, Pinterest. I was also awarded my official "MM Blogger Badge" and added to the MM Bloggers on Board page on the Meatless Monday website. It is all helping, as 3 of the highest traffic months since I started have happened within the last 6 months, including my best month ever, which was September. I'm doing my part to get the word out there.

It sometimes seems like an uphill battle to steer a lot of attention to this topic, as it is not something people really love hearing. Hey, you know that thing you love eating, that you look forward to every day? I'd like to share some not so nice aspects of its impact on animals, your health and the world in general and then ask you to eat less of it. First I... wait, where are you going? Don't you want to hear more? Come back!

And so on. Which is why I'm so grateful to all my loyal readers for taking time to think about these things and to make a quantifiable difference every week through MM. Thanks! To help us celebrate, Christina and Stella (drawing by her above) have put together a super delicious recipe for an ice cream cake which is egglessmilkless and... well, cakes are usually meatless, but that, too! 

We used Coconut Bliss brand dairy-free ice cream for our cake and it was delicious! Let me know if you have success with a different brand. This is one celebration which is no sacrifice in taste. 


P.S. The winner of the most popular unpopular recipe from last week's post was "Nutty Pasta," which was the recipient of the most additional eyeballs. Thanks for sending the poor thing some love!