Peace, man!

We all know that the MM movement is peaceful, compassionate, health-promoting and environmentally sustainable, but could it be responsible for peace in the Middle East, too? Read on and this week's bullet points may provide the answer.

  • To demonstrate to her scout troop how going without meat is the key to ending climate change, this Girl Scout made a video out of a video game.
  • Meanwhile, the Boston Globe was musing that everyone acknowledges "the evidence shows that cutting down on our meat consumption would be good for us, so why don't we do it?" 
  • And by some weird coincidence, of the many nations who have joined the MM movement, two of the most recent entrants are close neighbours: Israel and Iran (cool welcome video here). 
  • Could this be the evidence of common ground that brings countries together in this part of the world? Is there nothing that MM can't do? (Insert smiley icon here).

This week's recipe is an old favourite of ours (cribbed from Chloe Coscarelli) which combines the flavours of coconut milk and peanut sauce in a delicious noodle dish which doesn't take a lot of time but delivers a lot of flavour. Coconuts make me think of Hawaii and thus the paradise part of the name. Peace and paradise - heavy, man.

Until next week, then.