Eggless Everyday?

It is a funny coincidence that about a year ago there were a bunch of articles in the media which compared the health effects of eating eggs to those of smoking and I wrote a piece about it. Here we are twelve months later and I've been blown away by two great recent pieces covering the same subject:

Have you watched "More than an Apple a Day," yet? Have you watched "Forks over Knives," yet? Here is one more plug from me urging you to watch one or both of these fine pieces of filmed infotainment.

This week's recipe selection is a great example of how egg-free baking can be both nutritious and delicious. Special thanks to Christina for this recipe which answers the requests of some loyal readers looking for more desserts from us.  She is responsible for all the baked goods in our household and any of her recipes will now be identified with her Secret Agent name "Seena" in the title. Hope you enjoy this and watching the videos.