Out of the Box(es)

Friends, readers, countrymen... lend me year emails again. Over the past couple of weeks, the MRM head office has undergone a change of premises, which has resulted in an unplanned interruption in service. But rest assured that our new space includes a brand new test kitchen, think tank and faster data connections, all of which will allow us to provide better service to you, our loyal readers, in future. 

That being said, I should mention that we will be on another break over the next two Mondays due to a planned vacation in the American South. (Ha-ha - unintended irony.) Our next communique will be the weekend of August 17th. We will return refreshed, revitalized and replete with new ideas, possibly including grits. This week's recipe has been helpfully supplied by loyal reader SCNY and comes straight from his culinary laboratory in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Have a great Monday!