Victorious Vancouver

Good morning, meatless mavens, and Happy Victoria Day to those of my readers who are Canuckleheads living in a province that celebrates the birth of this long dead former British monarch. I myself have a soft spot for any dignitaries, living or dead, who lend their names to statutory holidays. And I am an admitted hoser (see also: pronunciation of "about") and denizen of Ontario, one such aforementioned province.

But I would especially like to mention some news coming out of the province of British Columbia last week: on June 10th, Vancouver will become the first Canadian city to officially recognize MM. Good for you, Canadian left coasters! Add to this a recent article on a debt management website extolling the financial benefits of MM and this great list from Chicago Now of ten reasons why one should participate in MM, and you have a great week for the movement overall. 

By popular demand yesterday, I made up a batch of my Vegan French Toast for breakfast... and there was much rejoicing. This week's recipe takes another popular breakfast food (pancakes) and turns them into a savoury dish with an Asian flare that would make a great dinner option instead. Hope you enjoy them and tonight's fireworks (if, again, you are, as I mentioned above, etc., etc.). Happy Monday.