Spring, anyone?

It feels as though Spring is finally trying to break through into Southwestern Ontario. Last weekend, we enjoyed trips to the farmers' market and walks in Springbank Park as the temperature climbed up into the tantalizing double digits for a short while in the middle of a sunny day. This weekend turned warm again and we trekked out for the last weekend of the sugar shack out at McLachlan Brothers

We've been so mad for it to get here that we actually yanked the tarp off the barbeque last week and had veggie burgers and a couple of different salads for our dinner. In fact, if it doesn't seem like jumping the gun, this week's recipe is an easy to prepare salad to get us in the mood for Spring.

While I've been off, the MM movement has kept moving right along. For instance, the Los Angeles District School board, one of the largest in the U.S., has implemented meatless meals on Mondays in all their cafeterias. The online community for college women called "Her Campus" continued their ongoing promotion of MM. And "My Fox Detroit" filmed a news segment on MM featuring a celebrity chef and even posted the recipes below the clip.

Hope you enjoy the new recipe and that Spring is on the way. Have a great Monday!