Fruits, Veg and Whole Grains

One key aspect of the MM campaigns is called "Healthy Mondays." The goal is not just to reduce meat intake, but also to increase our intake of such health-promoting foods as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes. A recent bog post on outlined the ways that the fiber in fruits and vegetables has been found to be protective against breast cancer risk, for instance.

Just as important are whole, unprocessed grains. This great video from Dr. Greger's Nutrition Facts website shows all the important nutrients and benefits that are stripped away when the whole grain is compromised. Taking rice as an example of the power of whole grains, he highlights a study which found that brown rice consumption decreased Type 2 Diabetes risk by about 15%. But white rice consumption wasn't just neutral, it was found to actually increase T2D risk by 15%. It isn't just a choice between healthier and normal... it is a choice between health-promoting and disease-promoting.

Coincidentally, one of the monthly newsletters I follow, called Vegan Nutritionista, made whole grains the focus of her recent issue. She gives a nice explanation of the benefits of whole grains here, including a list of some of the best grains out there. She also quite helpfully provides some great recipes featuring these same grains, found here. Lots of great options to choose from.

And don't forget this week's recipe from your humble scribe, which also features whole grains and proven, child-friendly deliciousness. I have also provided a picture of the original, handwritten recipe that I adapted, which comes from an unnamed source who is also a loyal reader. A mystery for you to ponder...

Have a great week!