Headline News

Just got my latest version of the TVA VegE-newsletter and thought I'd share some of the encouraging headlines within. We were members of the TVA when we lived in Toronto and have always enjoyed keeping up with their newsletter and attending their events (and winning their contests) when possible.

The first was a study out of New Zealand which confirms previous research that consuming lots of fruits and vegetables helps beat depression and increase happiness. Just next door in Australia, the "Daily Liberal" published an article stating that it is time to re-examine our diets:

"Consumers deserve to know that meat, eggs, and dairy products have the same health risks as cigarette smoking, including increased risks of cancer, strokes, and heart disease. Quitting smoking is an important way to prevent disease, but switching to a vegetarian diet is just as crucial."

Interesting way of putting it... On the other hand, the Swedish Experts quoted in this article on Euractiv.com were thinking more of environmental sustainability and animal welfare when they recommended to the European Parliament a tax aimed at reducing meat consumption. Put all three together - human health, the environment and animal welfare - and I'm pretty sure it brings the same thought to all our minds.

As planned, our family was one of the first to check out the brand new Meatless Market on opening day. Their friendly staff was eager to show us around and answer any questions. I think we can safely say that their selection of meatless products is unmatched here in London. 

Along with frozen entrees which are ready to eat, they also offer hot soup and a selection of sandwiches from one of our favourite local restaurants, Veg Out. I had their Borscht soup and a seaweed and carrot salad sandwich for my dinner, both of which were delicious, the first of which was the inspiration for this week's recipe, the 100th such recipe we have posted to the blog. 

Hope all goes well for this new business on this, their first Meatless Monday in operation. If their market analysis is correct, they should do just fine. I will be off for the next two Mondays for March Break, but will leave you with many reruns from which to choose. Enjoy!