Top Trends for 2013

I don't know whether it is laziness or just my good luck, but it seems to be a trend that I am relying on my loyal readers to send me ideas for subject matter more and more. This is a trend I want to encourage... please send me any articles or great videos that you see in the media and I will attempt to share them in a future post. 

To wit: It is about to become a whole lot easier to be meatless on Mondays in London, Ontario. Thanks to vigilant reader MKM, also of the Forest City, it has come to my attention that a brand new store called "The Meatless Market" will be opening this week. The London Free Press reports that "the shop carries a wide selection of meatless products, including fresh and frozen vegetarian and vegan entrees, including the store’s own private label meal kits and prepared meals." 

Owner Paul Gagliardi is quoted in the article as saying that their research indicates that about 9% of London residents are vegetarians, but that “beyond that there is untold number of individuals who want to eat vegetarian meals once or twice a week and that will be the bigger part of our market.” Once a week... that sounds familiar! The MM trend keeps on spreading (they even have an MM section on their website). 

It is interesting that MM is part of larger trend towards ordinary folks eating more meatless meals, identified as a "Top Ten Trend for 2013" by Supermarket NewsRestaurant MagazineFood & Drink Europe and the Sterling Rice Group ad agency. 

This and things like the "Meatless Market" are part of another trend I first reported on in my previous post about the "Vegetarian Butcher," one of my top 5 all time most popular posts. Sydney, Australia just became home to its own "Meat-free Butcher" shop. And Oz's "The Age" just identified sharing a fake steak as the next food fad.

These are all great trends! Today's recipe is part of a fad that I am creating of delicious meatless recipes delivered to loyal and deserving folk once a week. I hope you have been enjoying this trend and will participate in the first one mentioned above. Have a happy Monday!