Spreading the word

Prevention Magazine has been spreading the word about MM and inviting their readers to join in. I heard about this thanks to loyal reader C.S., lately of Fort Myers, Florida, who kindly spread the word to me. They offer "6 Great Reasons to Do Meatless Mondays," with which I happen to agree. Reason number 1 will be familiar to loyal reader S.J. of Etobicoke, ON, whose son recently decided to cook only vegetarian dishes at home after making himself sick on under-cooked meat. Good on you, Prevention, for highlighting this information!

These 6 great reasons would also resonate with the students of the University of Warwick, where the peace and quiet of their library was disturbed by an outburst from students' erupting passion for Meat-Free Mondays, a phenomenon sweeping Warwick and, indeed, the world! This is the first MM Flash Mob that I have heard of, but I can't argue with success if that's how you want to get the word out. I myself do a blog.

Not to be outdone by Prevention Magazine or a bunch of British university students, Self Magazine made "4 Kinds of Delicious Beans" the subject of a recent MM blog post. They have also helpfully included a great recipe for each one, including lots of colourful and delicious produce. Doesn't it make you feel good looking at your groceries whenever you fill up your cart with lots of wholesome goodies? Maybe if all grocery bags looked like this, this helpful reminder that whatever we buy is what ends up in our stomachs might encourage more safe shopping.

This week's recipe includes such ingredients, including garbanzo beans and Thai red cargo rice, a delicious new Young Family favourite. "The flavor of cooked red cargo rice is generally more sweet and nutty, and the rice is more chewy than standard white polished rice." Hope you feel good about your reasons for MM this Monday, you have occasion to appear in a flash mob for some reason and your grocery cart includes all the colours of the rainbow. Have a great week!