New shoes!

Over the holidays, I was lucky enough to stumble upon the Nice Shoes Boxing Week sale, featuring free shipping for orders over $100. Christina and Stella were happy to help me peruse all the sale items and we finally narrowed it down to four great pairs of shoes. Then I narrowed it down to the two I was actually willing to purchase. Then we placed the order and sat back to wait for the mail. 

The parcel finally arrived this week to much excitement and calls for a fashion show. We all gathered round for the unveiling. 

Isn't it great fun to get packages? They very rarely contain bills or credit card offers. This one contained these two pairs of sharp-looking (you can be the judge) and comfortable shoes. And because they come from from Nice Shoes, I know they are always "Vegan. Ethical. Fashionable." 

I will have to wait until Spring to enjoy the Homer Men's Melange Herringbone shoes from Keep, but I can start wearing the Strala Vinter Klar boots from Tretorn right away. If you're interested in these or any of their other "nice" shoes, it looks like the boots and lots of other pairs are still on sale. The shoes are back to regular price - which makes me love my bargain even more. Not as great as the first pair I received from them, which were free, but good value nonetheless.

Thanks to Glenn and Joanne from Nice Shoes!