Star Stories

The inspiration for this week's MM update came from two stories in the Saturday edition of the Toronto Star which seemed relevant. The first is not for the squeamish or the more sensitive reader. It relates to an undercover investigation at a Winnipeg, Manitoba pig farm which discovered shocking animal cruelty and inhumane conditions - as all of these investigations do. 

Part of the problem of 7 billion people eating 50 billion farmed animals per year is that this cannot be done in a humane fashion. The large scale factory farm operations always involve cruelty the average person would find unacceptable. We need to eat less animal foods, which is why MM got started in the first place. This story aired on a segment called "Food for Thought" on the CTV program W5 last night and is available to view online. The online story included this official comment:

The CEO of Canada’s Federation of Humane Societies, Barbara Cartwright, predicted Canadians are in for a shock. "They are not used to seeing this,” she said. “They still believe animals are being raised in the old farm style.”

I believe this is true and I should warn you that I have not watched this video as I'm sure I would find it disturbing. I have seen other undercover videos from this same group which have brought me to tears. I'm convinced! If you feel that the claims of cruelty are exaggerated or would like to judge for yourself, go ahead and click on the above link. But please do so advisedly.

On a more upbeat note, the other story relates to a married couple from London, Ontario - our own backyard! - who have been vegan for 12 years and were a part of the Seventh Day Adventist study mentioned in a previous update, which highlighted the positive association of vegetarian eating with improved health outlook. As the story says, they are part of the changing view our society has of meatless eating:

"Early adopters embraced vegetarianism so they wouldn’t have to harm animals. The next wave of vegetarians were influenced by environmental studies about the disastrous impact factory farming is having on air and water quality, soil pollution and climate change. More recently, the allure of vegetarianism is just as likely driven by health concerns."

Animals, the environment and human health... where have I heard that before? Correct - the very reasons I am sending you this week's delicious recipe, so you can remain meatless on Mondays. I have to thank Christina and Stella for their beautiful photos and tireless efforts to hone and develop this dish one night when I was late getting home. Have a great Monday!