MM in the News

The recent decision of the LA City Council to adopt an MM resolution has provoked a lot of valuable discussion there and it also seems to be having a positive ripple effect in other places. 
  • Noting that fewer than 1 in 10 Australians over the age of twelve eat sufficient servings of vegetables, the entire country is backing a new "Meat-Free Monday" initiative
  • Another country getting behind the movement is Israel, telling citizens to "Skip meat on Mondays, save the world"
  • In order to fight against common diseases, decrease obesity and promote sustainable living, the town of Winter Park in Central Florida has also backed an MM initiative (also see great meat-free recipe at this link)
  • Kidney Specialist Dr. Kathy Padgitt from Youngstown, Ohio was alarmed at the adverse effects food choices have on a person's health, so she has begun promoting MM as a way to introduce people to a healthy, whole foods, plant-based diet as well as support the local food bank
The global, national and local; the animals, environment and human health; the big and the small... Meatless Mondays embraces them all. Today's recipe is sufficient in vegetables, world-saving, sustainable and plant-based, as well as, for those of you who care about such things, kid-friendly and healthy snack-time approved. Thanks for making time for this weekly message in your life and for making a difference.