Great Video!

Remember all those weekly messages explaining the ins and outs of the MM movement that I've been writing for the past two years? Never mind. This two-minute video from Meatless Mondays Australia explains it way better and in a shorter time. Well done, Oz!

And remember that Chili recipe I posted way back at the beginning of my two year run? Never mind. We were lucky enough to enjoy the excellent company and hospitality of loyal reader S.J. from Toronto, Ontario this weekend and she has provided a great new "Ultimate Chili" recipe which will blow that other one away. Looking forward to trying it. Thanks again, S.J.!

And finally, remember last year about this time when I took a few weeks off over the holidays? Well that is the plan again this year. And all of this remembering leads me to a "coming attraction" for the New Year. I will return in mid-January and examine the question, how much are our memories worth? 

Happy Holidays to you all!