Happy 2nd Anniversary!

About 104 Mondays ago, I sent an e-mail and started a blog with a simple request: try eating meatless one day a week and in return, I'll send you some recipes you might like. Around 52 Mondays ago, we celebrated our first anniversary. And now, two years, 44 e-mail subscribers, 84 recipes, and 6157 blog page views later, here we are. Happy 2nd Anniversary to those loyal readers who have been with me from the start! And to everyone who has been keeping up with MM, thanks for making a difference! 

I should also wish my Canadian followers a Happy Thanksgiving. We have been away from home all weekend visiting family in various places and generally having a great time. Thanks to everyone who prepared something delicious for me. You might think that all this time away might find me ill-prepared, but instead of one recipe this week, I'm going to give you ten! Yes, that's right - ten meatless recipes for your perusal and enjoyment. These recipes came to me from loyal reader A.M. of London, Ontario, and they can be found at this link

Okay, so that's a bit of a cheat in that I'm not actually putting together the recipe(s), but it should give you plenty of options nonetheless. All these recipes are in aid of Vegetarian Awareness Month, in the middle of which we currently find ourselves. And if those ten aren't enough, October is also the Vegan Month of Food, which should give you a few hundred more recipe options. So, Happy Monday and Happy Fall to go along with all of the above. That's a lot of happiness.