Quick Hello

I am happy to be sending you a quick hello this beautiful Sunday morning, in plenty of time for tomorrow's meal planning. Today's recipe is to be deployed in a breakfast setting, rather than the dinner time mode I usually follow. But first the brief greeting and update section. Did anybody participate in "International Observe the Moon Night" last night? We in London, Ontario are lucky to have the Hume Cronyn Observatory up at Western University, which opened its doors to the public last night so we could view Earth's nearest neighbour full on through the huge telescope there. We waited our turn in line, then climbed the metal steps to peer into the small viewfinder. The close-up of all those craters and fissures and the clarity of the surface features was stunning. It was like the moon was right there inside the dome with us. 

Speaking of lunar surveillance, the students of the Pleasanton, California school district have adopted a program of MM in all their cafeterias. And good for them. They have joined the 50% of people in North America who have heard about MM and the 20% of us who have adopted it. One in five people is a great start! And when it is made easy for people as it has been for these students, it's sure to spread even further. Which will have a tremendous positive impact on our declining water resources. You may remember the study I mentioned a few weeks ago, in which the water scientists were strongly warning everybody that the world will need to adopt a vegetarian diet in the next 40 years to avoid total disaster. (Yes, I know you've been trying to forget it.) Roger Ebert picks up this theme beautifully in his article "We'll have to get used to this idea." (Special thanks to loyal reader V.Y. of London, Ontario for forwarding this link.)

So that's about it for the quick hello. Hope you enjoy this week's recipe. I have been making it every day this week for a couple of the females in my tribe and they have been loving it. Make a smoothie, cut out the meat... save the world. Because this is the only world we've got, unless you want to go and live on the moon. I've been checking it out and I have to say that, although quite beautiful, it really doesn't look all that hospitable. Let's make a plan to stay here and take better care of the orb we got.


P.S. Isn't the concept of a post-script so oldfangled as to be irrelevant, given the realities of electronic composition which allow us to make an unlimited number of changes to our text? Also, have you watched Dr. Greger's video "Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death," yet? I mentioned it last week and I just wanted to make sure you didn't miss it. (Yes, I know you've been trying not to watch it.)