Mondo Bio in Sorrento

It has been awhile since I posted here, as I promised it would be. Part of the reason for the break was our vacation in July which took us to Europe. One of our stops was the Amalfi coast region near Sorrento, Italy. This is a really beautiful part of the world that Christina and I had always had on our travel wish list.

Before we departed, I took the time to check out each of our destinations on to see what vegetarian restaurants were available. The pickings were slim in their listings for Sorrento, but we were lucky that the one place they did list turned out to be great.

Mondo Bio is a vegetarian café as well as a small natural foods grocery store a couple of blocks from the tourist zone of downtown Sorrento. The people were very friendly, the food reasonably priced and the menu extensive.

There was a deli counter inside with many prepared foods for take out. We couldn't resist starting with one of their sausage rolls, which were tempting us from the top shelf.

We each tried one of their "vegified" traditional Italian dishes: "Insalata di Riso" for me (check back later for this as a future recipe of the week) and "Scallopini" for Christina. There was tiramisu and gelato for dessert, followed by soy cappucino. Delicioso!

We shared a bottle of mineral water at our table outside in the shade and, after having our picture taken by the waitress, we toasted each other on twenty years of marriage.