TVA Prize Pack 2

Another part of my prize pack for being second runner-up in the "Why I'm Veg" video contest arrived in the mail this week in the form of a package. It is always exciting to receive packages, because they rarely contain bills. Oh, the possibilities!

In this case, the possibilities were pretty good, given the very clear labeling, that this was my free pair of shoes from Nice Shoes out in BC. I was allowed to browse through their extensive online catalogue of ethical vegan footwear and choose whichever pair I liked. This was the most difficult part of the process, as there were many pairs to look at and it was hard to narrow it down. 

Once I had made my selection, all I had to do was e-mail the contest contact and she would send them to me. In the end, I selected this pair:

Aren't they beautiful? And comfortable, too! I wore them around the house all day to help break them in and they felt fantastic. And Joanne from Nice Shoes even included a friendly note in the box for me:

Thanks to Joanne, Nice Shoes and the TVA for another generous prize!