Last one for awhile

This week, I have followed up on two items from last week. The first item is something I mentioned at the end of last week's recipe, that you could barbeque your corn as a tasty alternative to using canned. As it happens, in the past couple of weeks, I was contacted by two loyal MRM readers with great ways to prepare corn. AM from London recommended this video explanation of an easy way to cook corn in your microwave and VY, also of London, recommended this Yahoo Shine web article showing a variety of great ways to cook corn (including on the barbeque). It's not exactly corn season here in Southwestern Ontario, yet, but we're starting to see it at the farmer's markets. Deliciousness. 

The second item I have to report is that I was successful in getting the recipe for the gluten-free Tabbouleh from EJ of Ottawa which I mentioned at the end of my postTurns out that this delicious recipe comes from a cookbook written by her former neighbour, Shirley Plant, who has graciously allowed me to reprint it for your enjoyment. Shirley is a Dietary Consultant who specializes in menu plans and recipes for people with food allergies and those with dietary restrictions. Her website explains how she can help such people (check out the "Recipes" link for a great-looking Red Lentil and Sweet Potato Soup) and her cookbook "Finally... Food I Can Eat!" includes many great meatless options. Thanks to EJ and Shirley for the permission to reprint this here.

It's funny to think of meatless meals for somebody with a "meat allergy," but as John Grisham and the people of the Southeastern United States and Australia could tell you, such a thing is now a reality. Scientists there have concluded that the bite of the "Lone Star Tick" can infect people with a violent allergy to eating any meat, causing them to "[break] out in agonizingly painful and itchy red welts, or even anaphylactic shock." See "How to Become a Vegetarian in One Easy Bite" for more details. As my loyal readers know, this would be no great hardship, as there are so many great meatless recipes out there, you would never go hungry.

So that's all for this week, and also the next several. I'm taking a little time off, but I will return in the hazy heat of midsummer to ask if you're ready to "confront the math on meat." Until then, stay cool and thanks for choosing MM.