TVA Prize Pack 1

As part of my prize pack for being second runner-up in the "Why I'm Veg" video contest, I was to receive $50 in free merchandise from Yoso, who happens to make our favourite soy yogurts and spreads. Because Yoso is located in Cambridge and I travel there several times a month for work, I decided to pick up my prize in person. 

Francis Lo, the co-founder of Yoso, offered to give me a tour of the plant when I got there. He showed me the lab where they grow their non-dairy bacterial cultures and the machinery where the soy base is heated, stirred and cooled. Everything was so clean you could eat off it (which is, I guess, the point). He told me they use only organic, non-GMO soybeans which are grown in Chatham, Ontario. Local, non-GMO, organic, sustainable, vegan and delicious... how much better can it get? 

We discussed some new products which they are about to launch which sound really good: mango and plain coconut yogurt, and then portable, drinkable yogurts by the New Year. It all sounds delicious. And this after just launching chocolate and vanilla coconut yogurt - which I can tell you ARE delicious. Their products are available at Loblaws, Sobey's and other grocery chains as well as smaller stores across Canada.

Thank-you to TVA and to Francis at Yoso for this generous prize.