Movement Update

Hello, again. Hope you have turned the corner from spring to summer without any sunburns, heat exhaustion or flooding. Hope your team is doing well in the Euro Cup, or alternatively, you have enjoyed seeing the team that beat your team subsequently trounced. Sweet justice!

While the world has been turning, the sun shining and the soccer balls/footballs flying through the air, the Meatless Monday movement has been ticking right along, turning hearts and minds towards positive change. Well-known Iron Chef and meataholic Michael Symon has pledged his support. Nascar driver Leilani Munter will be promoting it by repainting her car with the MM logo. Many new smart, famous and good-looking people have agreed to keep their Mondays meat-free. And even grill-crazy Americans are finding ways to bring veggies to the grill one day a week.

Philippe Cousteau, grandson of Jacques Cousteau, whose excellent memoirs I have just finished and highly recommend, has taken on the family tradition of environmental activism and exploration. Along with Earth Echo, he has helped to launch the Water Planet Challenge, and made MM one of the pillars of positive change. You can download their "What's on your Fork?" action guide in PDF.

As always, I honour the commitment of the many MM devotees such as my loyal readers with another new family favourite recipe. This week's offering is a version of the traditional casserole made from hash browns which has made the rounds at countless family potlucks. It is always a huge hit, but on the downside, no leftovers. We selfishly made a pan for ourselves last weekend and were enjoying it all week. Hope you will also.