Happy Fathers Day!

Hello, all. Some of us are fathers, some of us still have our fathers around, some of us live with someone who is a father - if you are any of these, please pass on my best wishes to the "Dad Guy" in your life. Because I'm the first one listed above (and the second), I am taking it easy today. Instead of putting together one of "our" recipes for you, I'm going to link to a few that look really good. The warm weather of the past few days has me thinking about salads, so that is what I'm offering.

Hope you find one (or two) of the above to your liking for tomorrow's MM meal! Back next week with something original. Stay tuned!


P.S. If you missed my "Why I'm Veg" video that I shared with you on June 4th, you now have another chance to view it. I was chosen as Second Runner Up in the contest, so a link to my video is showing on the TVA website. Please check out the first and second place videos also - they are amazing.