Happy Mother's Day!

Lots of great articles today about MM and Mother's Day to share with you. Women's Health Magazine has featured a meatless brunch menu. And Alive Magazine had the same idea and featured their own competing brunch. Take a look at both and see which you prefer. Lastly, the "Edgy Veggie" Ellen Kanner has an essay on Meatless Mother's Day in the Huffpo for your reading pleasure - including a recipe. So lots of options this week.

A day in celebration of mothers is a good thing. It's like a kind of parental Thanksgiving in which we let our moms know we are thankful for them. Which I am. This weeks recipe, in fact, came from my mom, who made this dish for us over March Break. The photo on the blog is from the original batch she prepared, which even got thumbs up from my wife, the picky eater.

To show a little additional love for the mom in your life this "Monday after," let hubby, son or daughter make this dish. Have a good one, moms!