Another CPK secret recipe

Hello, all, and happy Monday! And happy Memorial Day to those in the U.S. of A. We had another busy weekend here in the Young Household. On Saturday, I took our little growing chef to the Grickle Grass Festival at the Children's Museum. It was an opportunity for kids to learn about sustainable living, including green transportation, planting an urban garden, biking workshops and sustainable food demonstrations. We had a lot of fun, ate a tasty "salad on a stick," made a face out of a tomato and planted our own broccoli plant. Sunday was a whirlwind of activity also, which brings me to now. 

The only MM related work I had time to achieve yesterday was the pilfering of yet another Top Secret Recipe from the good people at California Pizza Kitchen. It took me time to track it down and then to transcribe and adapt it as I needed. Last week's recipe was such a success, I was determined to share another CPK favourite with you, so here it is. I hope you have barley and split peas in your pantry, because this really isn't a lot of time I'm giving you to make preparations. If you do, I know you will enjoy this delicious soup. Have a great week!