Back from VegFest

We spent the weekend in Michigan and didn't get home until late last night, so today's meatless message comes to you early on the day in question. We spent the day yesterday at VegFest in Novi, Michigan, sampling lots and lots of meatless dishes and listening to a talk by the very inspiring John Salley. The convention centre in Novi was packed with both the veg and the veg-curious. The recent red meat and pink slime publicity, and maybe the announcement of a new case of mad cow disease in California this past week, has many exploring their culinary options and VegFest was the perfect place to do just that. It was great fun, but it didn't leave much time for recipes and writing. 

So, really quickly, two great stories from the past week which were sent in by loyal MRM readers: the first from last Saturday's Toronto Star, showing how meatless eats can give you big taste and a long life (thanks to V.S. of Milton, Ontario) and the second from last Thursday's London Free Press, showing that people are spending more on fruits and veggies and less on meat lately (thanks to V.Y. of London, Ontario). Great stuff!

This week's recipes, yes I said plural, come from a handout we received on entry to VegFest. Lots of great options on this one pager (I have linked to the web version) to keep you going until next week. Have a great Monday!