The Prince Agrees

Some interesting items in the news recently which are of great relevance to the MM movement. First up is the great news that MM has now spread to 23 countries throughout the world. It's spreading like a virus! In a good way! To truly see the benefit of the 15% reduction in the amount of meat we are eating, it goes without saying that everybody has to get on board. It is very gratifying to see that this great idea keeps finding willing and sympathetic ears wherever it travels around the world. (Aside: If you click on the above link, you will notice that "Quebec" is one of the 23 countries. You mean the Separatists won and nobody told me? Unbelievable!)

Just talking about some of the issues surrounding what we eat and how it is produced is a positive side effect of MM. One person who has emerged as an ally in the call for sustainable farming methods is, of all people, Bonnie Prince Charlie of Wales. The Atlantic has just been allowed to print an excerpt of one of the Prince's speeches on this topic from last year and he certainly doesn't mince words. Among other things, he had this to say:

"Genuinely sustainable farming maintains the resilience of the entire ecosystem by encouraging a rich level of biodiversity in the soil, in its water supply, and in the wildlife -- the birds, insects, and bees that maintain the health of the whole system. Sustainable farming also recognizes the importance to the soil of planting trees; of protecting and enhancing water-catchment systems; of mitigating, rather than adding to, climate change. To do this it must be a mixed approach: one where animal waste is recycled and organic waste is composted to build the soil's fertility. One where antibiotics are only used on animals to treat illnesses, not deployed in prophylactic doses to prevent them; and where those animals are fed on grass-based regimes as Nature intended."

Amen, brother. He goes on to tackle the issue of subsidies and the way the current system is allowed to externalize certain costs at a detriment to society. These are things which I have written about before, but it's nice to know the Prince agrees with me. Read the entire excerpt from this speech on the Atlantic website.

That's all I have for now, and, actually, all there will be for the next couple of weeks, as we are currently packing our cases and getting ready for our March Break trip down to Florida. I will return in three weeks with new thoughts, new articles to link to, more information about this newly-independent Quebec and, most importantly, more great recipes to share. Speaking of which, this week's recipe is a favourite of ours which can be used in a number of ways. It can be used as a dip, a sauce or even a dressing for salad. We originally made it to have with some "wingless barbeque chick'n." I hope you enjoy it and your March Break, if you get one.