Video Fun Day

Good afternoon and happy Sunday. I hope you are sitting comfortably as you read this, as I have several videos to bring to your attention which I thought would be of interest. They are all succinct and persuasive (ie. not overly time-consuming for those of us with a to do list longer than one arm). Then an update from last week's message and we end on a recipe which you will enjoy consuming, but also won't take up too many of your valuable spare minutes. Mondays are busy days at the best of times, so our meatless recipes need to be quick and easy most of the time. I hope I hit this target more often than not.

The first video is a nice one by Martha Stewart, who makes a plea on behalf of factory-farmed animals. Next up is an animated version of a segment of Michael Pollan's Food Rules. Thirdishly, we have a really interesting presentation of the status of In Vitro or lab-grown meat, which just might save the world some day. Lastingly, a plea for our right to know which foods are genetically-modified by product labelling, a right enjoyed in much of the world right now, but not North America. All four videos are here linked for your viewing pleasure, which will be less than ten minutes all told.

So, as promised, here is an update on one of the not-so-great news items from last week. This in the form of a reaction to the sad story about the man who had a heart attack while eating a meal named after a heart attack in a restaurant named "Heart Attack Cruel Irony Place." Take a moment for a deep, cleansing breath after reading this part of today's missive. 

This week's recipe is so simple yet so delicious. It came to me via loyal reader EM, lately of The Forest City we call London, Ontario, Canada, now resident of Melbourne in the Garden State of Victoria, Australia. She served this at a family gathering with a side of crumbled feta, but it would also be great with some vegan parmesan sprinkled on top. Hope all is well down under, EM. Send us more great recipes!