Veg Out in London

This week's healthy eating tip comes via loyal reader A.M. here in London, who shared some great information about the health benefits of barley. Specifically, the "Save our Bones" folks would like us to know about the great benefits it has in promoting bone density. Who doesn't love bone density? We here at Mondays are Meatless are quite jazzed about barley and have discussed it and featured it in recipes in the past. The Mushroom Barley Pilaf recipe featured in the first link looks delicious.

You might be wondering about this week's title. One of our favourite restaurants is right here in London, called Veg Out. It is on Richmond just south of Pall Mall for those of you who are local, and we have listed it on the blog since the beginning. Everything we've had from their menu is delicious, and we like that they have a good selection of raw and whole plant food dishes as well as some of the mock meat favourites. They have been kind enough to let me share one of their recipes with you this week, for which I am very grateful. It's nice to get some professional help with this (please don't agree too quickly - I do my best). 

If you're looking for a great meatless meal and don't feel like cooking, give Veg Out a try. They are not open Mondays, so you'll have to make it another day - their Sunday brunch would be a great choice. Hope you enjoy the Sweet Potato Corn Bread, a staple from their new menu. Sweet Potatoes are a very healthy choice and if you recall, they were our featured vegetable of the week way back in week nine and one we have used in many recipes over the past months. Enjoy!