Sustainability Savvy

So many great articles lately in the media about the need to shift away from our "Western" diet if we're going to meet the challenges of feeding our growing population, avoid environmental disaster and move to a more sustainable system. I'll give you some highlights and you can click through for further details if you're interested:

"It may be a struggle to feed the world's forecast nine billion people in 2050 unless the world changes its 'Western' diet, says fertiliser and agribusiness giant Agrium." - The Age

"Africa is leading the push for clean energy policy-making as climate change turns millions of its people into 'food refugees,' the head of the U.N. Environment Program (UNEP) Achim Steiner said." - Reuters

"The truth is not only do factory farms lead to the mistreatment, suffering and death of billions of animals every year, but they also cause soil contamination, loss of biodiversity, greenhouse gas emissions and land, energy and water wastage." - Huffington Post

"A fundamental shift in business models, values and behaviour is required for a more sustainable future, says Peter Bakker, former CEO of logistics giant TNT." - The Guardian

"New analysis highlights importance of limiting industrial livestock production to improve personal and environmental health." - Worldwatch Institute

Sustainable eating is a global issue. We've known this is important stuff since the beginning of our Meatless Monday journey. Making this shift away from so many animal products is difficult to do, as we are battling upstream against our taste buds, our habits, traditions, family expectations, meal prep knowledge and recipe collections. That's a lot. One of the reasons MM works well is that it is a manageable first step. It's only one day - you can go back to old favourites on Tuesday. But maybe if you have no ground beef for the spaghetti sauce on Thursday, you wouldn't feel weird about just eating it meat-free this week. It is learning a new skill a bit at a time, rather than all at once.

This week's practice in the form of a delicious, hearty soup recipe is one more arrow in your sustainable eating quiver. I hope you will find it hits the target. (Sorry about that. I couldn't seem to work "Robin Hood" flour into the recipe.) Happy Monday!