Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!

Hello again, and a happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers! We spent a beautiful day yesterday at Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary's "Gentle Thanks" event and met a pig named Charlotte. Stella was allowed to feed her an apple, which was loud, crunchy fun. We are hosting a (meatless) Thanksgiving meal here today and I thought I'd share one of the recipes we'll be making as this week's offering. There will be many hours of cooking, eating and chatting with family ahead, and this itself is the recipe for a great holiday.

There are a few newsworthy items to share with you this week, but first I wanted to say thanks for all the great comments and suggestions I am getting. On the advice of loyal reader EM in Sydney, Australia, I have added a section on recommended documentaries (scroll down and keep your eyes on the information bar to the right). And I refer you to a great article about the benefits of organic farming provided by new/returning reader MKM of London, Ontario. Great stuff and keep it coming!

In other news, the Miami Herald offered the following short article about the "rewarding proposition" of Meatless Mondays: "cutting back on meat consumption could reduce up to one third of global carbon emissions" and "when you reduce how much meat you eat, you also reduce your risk of obesity-related issues including cancer and cardiovascular disease." Love these succinct talking points. The latter leads me to the new "fat tax" introduced in Denmark, targeting meat and dairy with the same kind of sin tax levied on tobacco, because the negative health impacts are similar. We go from there to this article in the Huffington Post showing new evidence that fruit and vegetable rich diets reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Environmental benefits, health benefits, economic benefits... the good news about MM just keeps spreading! Have a great weekend!