Festival Weekend

This weekend was an annual event that we have attended on and off for about the last twelve years: the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival. There were lots of cooking demos, nutrition talks and live music to dance to on the astroturf. It is always a lot of fun and an opportunity to gorge yourself on free samples at all the food booths so that you end up too full to have lunch. Good times!

The weather was perfect yesterday at the Harbourfront Centre and we managed to visit every booth, pick up some great recipes and buy up some special offers on our favourite samples. Favourite new products included: Gardein chickenless chicken, dark chocolate flavoured peanut butter and golden kiwifruits.

We just got back at suppertime tonight, so I have taken a shortcut this week to provide you with a new recipe in a timely fashion. I looked through all the recipes we picked up, took a vote between two loyal readers as to the best of the bunch and the result was unanimous and is now linked above for your meal preparation pleasure. It looks delicious. I'll be back next week with a new semi-original recipe. Have a great week!


  1. We went last year but skipped it this year. I don't love crowds and it's pretty packed. It is fun to try all the samples though!


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