Easter Edition

Happy Easter, everybody. Hope the Bunny was good to you today. He was certainly good to Stella, which was cause for much rejoicing in our household, and he brought great weather with him, which was very nearly cause for tears of joy. The sunshine, combined with a family gathering tonight which is a pot luck, "cold buffet," convinced me to break out a summer recipe to not only send out today, but also prepare on the spot for the party, which I have just done. But first, some MM news for those of you following along.

Way back in January, I told you about food services company Sodexo, which had rolled out a plan to offer MM options to over 900 hospitals, with future plans to extend it further. Well, just this week they followed through on that promise, more than tripling the reach of their offerings with over 2000 corporate clients, including Toyota, banks and government clients. As one corporate manager put it, "Meatless Monday has been successful here primarily because Sodexo helps our customers understand that it is not at all about becoming vegetarians or even weight loss, it's about taking easy steps to guard our health and be good stewards of our environment."

These benefits are what has caused the MM campaign to do so well in Malaysia, where just last November 12,400 more people took a pledge to cut out all meat one day a week and the Pearl International Hotel chain created a special MM menu just to promote it. Just goes to show that this is truly a global movement which is beginning to alter the way people think about food.

And thinking about food is what I'm doing right now, as my belly clock informs me that it's almost time to leave for the cold buffet. If you're going to make it a meat-free Easter Monday and the temperature holds, I can highly recommend the attached recipe to give you a little taste of summer for those of us who can hardly wait. Have a good one!