Spring has Sproinged

When you get six inches of snow the day after the first day of Spring has sprung, it really feels like a misfire. More like a bedspring that sproinged. That isn't the kind of precipitation that brings May flowers. C'mon people at the Weather Network... get it right! So maybe my prediction of better weather and cold salads for dinner was a bit premature. Wishful thinking, I guess. This kind of weather is more suitable for a hearty stew, wouldn't you think? 

But first I would like to mention a couple of great recent articles floating around out there in the multimediaverse. Last week I mentioned the interesting perspective on MM that Redbook offered: you'll be thinner and healthier, you'll save money and you'll help save the planet by cutting back on your meat consumption. Now there is a new article in Real Simple magazine, which says the top three reasons for MM are: you'll be healthier, put more money in your pocket and we'll have a greener planet. I never really thought much about the cost-savings of plant-based foods versus animal foods, but it seems to be striking a chord with a number of commentators these days. Cool.

The other great article which will allow us to fantasize about the warmer weather to come and some of the great produce that will be out and about in farmer's markets and the like, was one that I found on Blisstree. They, too, are clearly sick of the nasty weather and looking ahead to the great recipes they will be able to enjoy on Mondays in the near future. So hold onto this link for a few weeks, because they are showing ten great meatless recipes to celebrate the coming of Spring.

Last but not least is another study which reinforces the value of our reduction in meat consumption, especially red meats. In this case there is a link between the average red meat consumption and an increased risk of strokes. Just the average, mind you, not even people who eat more than most. This quote says it all: "These studies paint a clear picture – high nutrient, high antioxidant foods like vegetables and fruit are protective against stroke, and red and processed meats – low nutrient, low antioxidant foods - increase the risk of stroke."

Which brings us to the vegetable of the week, which is an antioxidant powerhouse of potent nutrition: the bell pepper. High in vitamins A and C, as well as folic acid, these tasty, colourful veggies (don't even say it, keep your fruit comments to yourself) are protective against colon cancer, cardiovascular disease and strokes. Which is why they are included in this week's delicious new recipe. You've probably always wondered how you could enjoy the goodness of a Greek salad with the warmth and heartiness of a stew. Now you know.